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Keynote Presentation Examples

Touchstone Advisors, LLC offers a no obligation “Speaker Series” to each Regional Community for all types of associations and organizations.

Each 30 to 90 minute presentation can be tailored to meet individual needs and time frames. All have been developed and are delivered by one or more of Touchstone’s Advisors. Call or email us today for more information and to schedule us at your next meeting or event: or 860-253-9087.

Your Business May Be Worth More Than You Think

There is not one “value” for a business. So what is the difference between “financial value”, “fair market value”, “fair value” and “synergistic and strategic value”? This seminar demonstrates the distinction between the value of a business and the price paid for it! It also introduces the concept of “most probable selling price”(MSP).

How to Sell Your Business “Under the Radar” for the Best Price

This presentation outlines in detail the “M&A Process” which consists of procedures employed by merger and acquisition advisors to:

  1. Market and sell manufacturing, distribution, and “business to business” service companies
  2. Maintain confidentiality
  3. Identify the strategic and synergistic value contained in a business
  4. Find the “best buyers” and persuade them to make their “best offer”

Preparing Your Company for Sale

You wouldn’t decide to sell your house today and begin marketing it tomorrow. Likewise, there are improvements to your business that will dramatically affect both its “Sell-ability” and the price it will attract when the time comes. Learn why two businesses of the same size in the same industry sell for vastly different prices.

Developing a “Value-Based” Strategy

No business owner plans to fail, but unfortunately, some fail to plan … and, some of those who do plan, don’t have a plan that creates value. In this insightful seminar, we present a 5-step process for the development of a customer-driven, economic value-based strategy, along with a way to measure progress and success … a “must” for owners who want to capitalize on what they’ve worked hard at and achieve their long-term objectives.


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