Our Team

Our team is composed of experienced and trusted professionals focused on building relationships with our clients throughout the process. Each member possesses extensive market knowledge and expertise with the skills to serve both domestic and international companies.



Industry Advisory Board

Support Team

Due Diligence Coordinator

Beginning at the first meeting with a client, The Due Diligence Coordinator gathers and organizes the information and documents necessary to complete the sale. Performing such due diligence early allows us to identify, disclose, and resolve troublesome issues before a letter of intent is signed. Addressing these issues beforehand allows us to present the company’s information and instill confidence in the buyer. This shortens the due diligence period between the execution of the letter of intent and actual closing.

Marketing Coordinator

The role of Marketing Coordinator is essential to identifying the best potential acquirers for our business owner clients. Marketing also plans local events and digital media to advertise to potential buyers.

Specialized CIM Writer

The Confidential Information Memorandum Writer specializes in researching our clients’ industries and competitors. The writer gathers relevant and significant information in one place for potential buyers, a crucial piece in positioning a company in the marketplace.

Research Assistant

Assisting our Due Diligence Coordinator, CIM Writer, and our Advisors. The Research Assistant (RA) gathers data and information to support and verify information in our M&A activities. The RA plays a significant role behind-the-scenes at Touchstone.