Exit Advantage

Why Exit Advantage?

Preparation is Key to a Smooth Exit Strategy

We don’t want you to get caught unprepared. We’re here to help you develop a roadmap for a successful exit when you are ready to transition.

Our 10 Step Exit Advantage Program

Owner Readiness Review

How prepared are you to exit?

This 10 question self-assessment survey evaluates a business owner’s feelings about his/her desire to continue owning and operating the business.

Company Readiness Review

How dependent is the company on you?

Most private equity investors and strategic buyers will agree that the biggest roadblock to selling a business in the lower middle market is its dependency on the owner

Business & Financial Performance Assessment

How well does your business benchmark against others in your industry?

We will perform an analysis of your business based upon historical data and a near-term forecast if appropriate.

Recast Financials​

What are the true earnings of your company?​

The true earnings of your company are usually not reflected in your tax returns or financial statements.

Range of Values

What are the financial and premium values of your business?

Utilizing re-casted financials, we will determine the financial value of your business as well as a matrix of premiums a strategic or synergistic acquirer is likely
to pay. 

Tax Optimization

How do you reduce your tax burden?

We will work with your accounting firm and/or CPA to determine your tax burden and identify ways to strategically minimize it.

Acquirer Risk Assessment

What is the Acquirer’s perspective of risk and how do you mitigate against it?

We will review employee, supplier, customer and environmental issues, among others.

Transition Options

What are your best options and why?

We will explore and discuss the types of buyers in the marketplace with advantages and drawbacks of each

Value Enhancement Recommendations

How can you enhance your company’s value?

What are the areas that will most enhance your company’s value

Bi-annual Performance Review

Are you heading in the right direction?

Every six months we will meet to discuss your business progress and any changes (good or bad) that have occurred in your business.